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 Instructional Technology

The Technology Specialist (3 days/week) teaches the Rancho computer lab program for grades 2-5. Students learn basic skills and apply those skills when learning, collaborating and creating. Students receive direct instruction or open access to the lab every week. The instructional technology specialist develops classroom software intervention programs for math and reading. Specialists support the integration of technology in the classroom using Chromebooks and iPads to create rigorous and relevant learning projects. A computer system assist will teach 1st-grade students a technology foundation to prepare them for lab and classroom technology projects.


Technology/Media Lab Program

The lab program teaches children technology skills appropriate for their age while enhancing classroom learning. Students receive thorough, standards-based instruction in the computer lab. Students learn computer skills such as keyboarding, word processing, and computer drawing. Instruction includes Google Apps (Docs, Spreadsheets, Drawing), graphing and spreadsheets, Internet use, visual learning, Art and Music instruction, introductory programming (grades 3-5) and enrichment activities such as robotics. Student receives weekly instruction. Students in 4th grade will create and print 3D designs related to science and engineering. At all grade levels, Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are integrated into lessons and projects. Lessons may also include extension activities for these subjects to help students meet State standards.


Classroom and Mobile Computers

Students have daily access to computing technology in the classroom. Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms have six iPads. Second grade shares a classroom set of iPads. Grades 3-5 classrooms have access to one of three mobile Chromebook labs as well as share a class set of iPads. This classroom technology provides a platform for research, writing, and creating digital products such as videos and presentations.


Home and School

We have subscriptions to web-based products that students and parents may use at home. These are Sumdog, used to help students master their math facts; Ed1Stop, a media portal where students can access educational videos, maps and more; Tumblebooks, where students can read along to animated stories and Typing Club for typing practice. We have custom web pages for learning games and research projects.


Appropriate Technology Use

Safe student use of technology is a primary concern of our staff. The technology specialist and staff provide instruction to students on appropriate use. All students who will access the Internet from school must sign the district acceptable use policy form in the registration packet. Students who violate the AUP will lose their technology use privilege as well as other consequences.