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Contact our library media coordinator, Mrs. Rom



Check for OverDue Books?

Any overdue book(s) must be returned to the library or the fee must be paid prior to checking out new library books.  Email Mrs. Rom at if you have any questions.

Rancho Romero Library

Curbside Pick-Up during materials distribution

curbside pickup
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Dear Rancho Parents/Guardians and Students, 

We are excited to announce that we have developed a program for our students to check-out books from our school library.

Students can request books by placing holds in our Destiny Discover Library System. Popular titles may have long waitlists. It is recommended for students to look for books that are “IN” our library and place them on HOLD. 

When you come on Materials Distribution Days, your teacher should have your library books ready for pick-up. Please wear a face mask and practice social distancing guidelines. Our staff has put protocols in place including face masks, physical distancing, frequent hand washing, disinfecting of surfaces and quarantined items for 96 hours prior to being checked out, to ensure a safe environment.

Books should be returned at the following Materials Distribution or dropped off in a box in the front of the office.  Any students that do not have overdue books are eligible to check out up to two library books at one time.

Please note: Books not picked up by the next Materials Distribution date will be RETURNED to the Library and will no longer be held for the student. 

Dr. Seuss

Birthday Book Club

Message from Mrs. Rom:

Thank you for joining the Birthday Book Club (BBC) at Rancho Romero School.  Due to distance learning this year, your child will be choosing this book via computer.  Once the book title is chosen, the book will be checked out to your child and included in your student’s next curbside materials distribution.  This book may be kept for two weeks and then returned to the school.  This very special gift will then remain in the library for everyone to enjoy.  A bookplate will be placed inside the front cover of the book purchased in your child’s honor to celebrate their birthday.

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Rancho Romero School’s reading program.  It is with sincere appreciation that we acknowledge your generosity.

Thank you,

Dianna Rom

Substitute LMC,

PTA Birthday Book Club

Choosing Your BBC Book?

We have a list of the new BBC books in the library catalog (Destiny) under Resource lists.  The directions to access this list is as follows. 

1) Go to Destiny

2) Select Rancho Romero Elementary School catalog. 

3) Then select Resource Lists on the left menu. 

4) Scroll down to the Birthday Book Club lists of books. 

5) Select a list to see books. 

All the books will say they are checked out because they are reserved for the BBC patron. 

Once your child selects their choice, please email Mrs. Rom at, as soon as possible.  It would be best to give your child’s first and second choice, just in case another child sends in their request for the same book before your email was received.  There are so many choices that this will not happen often.

Once the book is ready, Mrs. Rom will email you to let you know so it can be picked up at the next Materials Distribution.

Important dates

HOLD by Tuesday prior to the next Monday Materials Distribution date.


On Hold by: Tuesday, January 5th

Pick-Up at Materials Distribution on: Monday, January 11th


On Hold by: Tuesday, January 12th

Pick-Up at Materials Distribution on: Monday, January 18th


On Hold by: Tuesday, January 26th

Pick-Up at Materials Distribution on: Monday, February 2nd




CLICK HERE to use Destiny Discover, the online library catalogView the entire Rancho Romero Library collection online and place holds.

How to Log In

To log into Destiny Discover, students will use their school's username and password.


rr.firstinitial+last name

(Example: rr.jdoe)


ID# + Student ID Number

(Example: ID#123456)

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