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2018-2019 SSC Meetings

All meetings are held in the Library from 3:15-4:45.  

  • September 13th 2018
  • October 25th 2018
  • November 15th 2018
  • December 13th 2018
  • January 17th 2019
  • February 14th 2019
  • March 14th 2019
  • April 18th 2019
  • May 28th 2019

All meetings are open to the Rancho Romero community.

2018-2019 SSC Members


Jennifer Joaquin Nicholson (Parent)



Sandy Kontilis (Principal)


Parent Members

Samantha Altomare

Jessica Washer (Secretary)

Heather Peterson

Alexander Punyansky

Lori Tulkoff

Megan Ware (Alternate)


Teacher/Staff Members

Deneka Horalek

Karen Clark

Deb Varo

Megan Mitchner

Tatiana Wolkenhauer (Staff rep)


School Site Council

The Rancho Romero School Site Council (SSC), a 12-member board comprised of the school principal, six parents, four teachers and one staff member, meets monthly to set and measure academic improvement strategies and expenditures.  SSC also approves and monitors implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). 

Learn more about School Site Council expectations across SRVUSD schools

2018-2019 Approved Programs

SSC develops and approves programs that meet the SPSA objectives.  SSC-approved programs are funded primarily by parent and community donations to the Rancho Romero Education Fund (RREF).  Thank you to all who donate to RREF throughout the year.  Your generosity makes these important programs possible for Rancho students.


Classroom Aides (Para-Professionals)

Para-professionals support teachers and all students in grades TK-5.  They work with students in small groups or with individuals in areas such as reading, writing and mathematics.  They also support the primary teacher in areas such as preparation of classroom materials, providing positive reinforcement to the children and some clerical work as needed.  Currently, 8 Para Professionals are funded by RREF and each class has 6.5 hours of support each week (2nd/3rd grade combo currently has 9.5 hours of support).


Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA)

Rachel McCutchen has joined our Rancho Romero staff as an Intervention Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA).  She is well suited for this job, as she is a trained Reading Recovery Specialist, elementary teacher, has worked at several SRVUSD school’s as an Intervention TSA, has been trained with the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project. In her role at Rancho, she is supporting the Vision that All students can learn at high levels. She is working with the Principal to implement a Response to Intervention (RTI/Meep Minutes) system. Students who need extra time to learn an essential standard get it, or students that need extensions of standards mastered, get it. She regularly presents at staff meetings and collaborates with teacher teams during Wednesday collaborations. Our Intervention TSA makes a difference in the lives of each and every student on our campus.


Reading Intervention
The Reading Specialist Program targets students struggling to acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to read at grade level.  The program is provided by one part-time certificated Reading Specialist (Jennifer Wong) and two part-time classified Instructional Aides (Alex Deeman and Rachel Olin), covering grades K-5.
The Technology Program offers direct instruction to students with a part-time, certificated Technology Teacher (Matt Graham).  This teacher coordinates classroom and lab technology programs as well as enrichment and intervention opportunities.  Students participate in weekly lab sessions in grades 1-5 (1st grade sessions are led by the classroom teachers but planned by Matt or the Computer Systems Assistant).  The technology teacher develops the technology plan for the school and supports staff as needed.  In 2016-2017, a Computer Systems Assistant (Alia Gettler) was hired to provide systems support to all classrooms and teachers.  Currently, RREF funds an additional 4 hours of the Computer Systems Assistant position in addition to the District funded 16 hours. 

The Library Media Program is supported by our Library Media Coordinator, Linda Mailho, who is tasked with the responsibility to perform a variety of complex, specialized duties in support of a school library including the selection, acquisition, circulation, maintenance and distribution of books, instructional materials and technology.  The Library Media Coordinator assists students and teachers in the use of library/media resources.  Additional functions include scheduling classes, training library volunteers, coordinating book fairs and author presentations, and maintaining a budget that serves the needs and interests of students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade.  In 2013-2014, a significant library remodel was concluded.  Every class in grades TK-5 visits the library one time per week.  Currently, RREF funds an additional 10 hours of the Library Media Coordinator position in addition to the District funded 12 hours. 



All students in grades TK-5 receive art instruction from our part-time Art Instructor, Leah Moss, one time per week for one semester (rotates with Music program).  The curriculum is aligned to visual art standards, identified in the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework.  The purpose of the program is to provide students opportunities for creative pursuits that enhance awareness and appreciation of the arts while developing skills and fostering connections to people, places and times. Our Art Program follows a Discipline Based approach, in that it involves art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics.  Each month generally features one artist, with a lesson on their biography, key works, time period, along with exploration of their style and elements of art used in their work.  Every lesson then focuses on students producing their own piece of art inspired by one or more elements of the lesson, while encouraging their creativity in producing a piece that is purely their own.

The Rancho website Art Page gives an outline of the current artist being studied, along with examples of the student produced work at the end of each month.



The goal is for all students in grades TK-5 to receive general music instruction one time per week for one semester (rotates with the Art Program).  TK-2nd learn through songs and beginning percussion.  Students in 3rd-5th grade are exposed to and/or learn basic music theory and notation using one or more musical instruments. 3rd grade students are introduced to the recorder, 4th graders continue to grasp their musicianship and theory knowledge through glockenspiels and Boomwhakers while 5th grade students enter the exciting world of ukuleles! The purpose of the program is to provide students opportunities for creative pursuits that enhance awareness and appreciation of music while developing skills and fostering connections to people, places and times. And of course to have fun!  


Clerical Office Assistant & Office Supplies

Our part-time Clerical Office Assistant, Gina Turturici, provides general office support to parents, faculty and students.  Currently, RREF funds an additional 8 hours of this position in addition to the District funded ~12 hours.  RREF also currently funds office duplicating equipment rental and supplies to support all faculty and students.


Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Program provides students with extra attention and support, both individually and in small groups once or twice per week.  The program helps students develop self-esteem, self-confidence, stronger social skills, and a positive attitude toward school. In addition, the Rainbow Senior Primary Intervention Para-professional, Debbie Mandia-Lax, provides playground interventions and supports staff with activities and literature on friendship, cultural diversity, social skills, and anti-bullying.  Currently, RREF funds an additional 4.75 hours of this position in addition to the District funded 15 hours.


In addition to the above ongoing programs, in 2018-2019, we are also able to fund the following programs/materials due to parent and community generosity to RREF:


Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is coming to Rancho this year! 

The mission of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is to help young people become avid and skilled readers, writers, and inquirers. We accomplish this goal through research, curriculum development, and through working shoulder-to-shoulder with students, teachers, and school leaders. The organization has developed state-of-the-art tools and methods for teaching reading and writing, for using performance assessments and learning progressions to accelerate progress, and for literacy-rich content-area instruction.


Teacher Professional Development

Teachers were paid for two valuable days of grade level collaboration during the summer.  In addition, there will be opportunities for additional professional development with contracted trainers/programs with the necessary substitute funding.


Teacher Assessment Days

Substitute pay will be provided to allow K-2nd grade teachers three assessment days and 3rd-5th grade teachers four assessment days throughout the school year.  These days allow teachers the proper individual time with each student to test and evaluate their academic progress.


Technology Purchases

Replacement and additional purchases of chromebooks, ipads and carts will be purchased this year in line with a technology plan to increase student access to technology in upper grades while building capacity in lower grades.


Soul Shoppe

Soul Shoppe is an independently contracted character education program that support kids by giving them conflict resolution tools that allow them to support each other as allies.  This program has already been implemented in many SRVUSD schools with much success.  In 2018-2019, this program is funded by both RREF and PTA.




2017 - 2018 SSC Meetings

All meetings are held in the library from 3:00-4:30

  • August 30th 2017
  • September 20th 2017
  • October 18th 2017
  • November 15th 2017
  • December 13th 2017
  • January 24th 2018
  • February 21st 2018
  • March 14th 2018
  • April 18th 2018
  • May 16th 2018

All parents are welcome to attend.

2017-2018 SSC Members


Kristin Wall (Parent)



Sandy Kontilis (Principal)


Parent Members

Jennifer Nicholson (Secretary)

Heather Peterson

Alexander Punyansky

Megan Ware

Additional Parent Member TBD

Alternate Parent Member TBD


Teacher/Staff Members

Shelby Alms/ Deneka Horalek

Karen Clark

Deborah Varo

Tatiana Wolkenhauer (Staff Rep)

Sandrine Wright