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Rancho Romero Education Fund

2018-2019 Board of Directors


Devon Mitzel

Co-Vice Presidents

Ally Krueger & Amanda Rhodes


Brent Willman


Rachel Ro

Auction Chairs

Piper Gillman & Jennipher Tchejeyan

Asst. Treasurer

Jenny Schneidermann

Family Donations 

Christine Brashear

Employer Matching

Lisa Weinstein

APEX Co-Chairs

Rachel Ro, Lisa Weinstein & Alyse Townsend

Member at Large

Alyse Townsend


Rachel Ro

SSC President - Jennifer Joaquin Nicholson

Teacher Representative - TBD

Principal - Sandy Kontilis

Want to Get Involved?

RREF has a growing need for a board member focused on writing and applying for grants on behalf of Rancho Romero for the 2018-19 school year. Are you interested in helping Rancho earn additional fundraising dollars from various corporate and third-party sources? Contact Devon Mitzel with any questions.

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Rancho Romero Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation. For more information, visit

Rancho Romero Education Fund

2019 Auction Gala - Shining Bright for 60 Years

Shining Bright for 60 years Rancho Romero 2019

March 2, 2019 at Roundhill Country Club


As we celebrate our 60th anniversary at Rancho Romero we want to thank you for your continued support. The Rancho Romero families are always so generous in giving to our school, and through the last 60 years, this continued support has been able to help keep the hope, dream and vision alive. We understand you are all incredibly busy, but if you're interested in helping with the school Auction in any way we'd love to have your help. Here is a link to a sign up genius page that provides different areas for donations where we can use support from our Rancho Families.  


Even if you only have limited time to make a donation inquiry or online donation request, that could be a big help as we put our auction together. Please find our Auction Item Donation Form here and also the “Dear Rancho Romero Families” Letter that will provide additional information on donations here. If you have a business or someone that is interested in making a cash donation, you will also find the “Sponsorship” form here as well as the letter “Dear Education Supporter" here.  


Funds raised will help provide classroom para-educators, reading specialists, technology specialist and materials, our librarian, art and music teachers and supplies as well as staff professional development and more. We hope you will help us by supporting this Gala Event on March 2, 2019.  Thanks so much.



Jennipher Tchejeyan & Piper Gillman



RREF-Funded Programs

RREF funds critical programs which make Rancho Romero a special place to learn. The Education Fund will Spend Approximately $989 per student in the 2018 - 2019 school year and funds the following programs:

Ed fund funding

Help us continue to offer these great programs to our children by donating today!

RREF is a registered non-profit organization 501(c)(3).  Our Taxpayer ID Number is 91-1796297.  100% of funds donated to RREF are used for educational and enrichment programs, equipment, and materials to improve the quality of learning at Rancho Romero Elementary School.

Corporate Matching

Matching Gifts 1+1 2

Corporate Matching is an EASY way to DOUBLE your gift to the Rancho Romero Education Fund!


Submit your company information to us, and we can help you through the process. Many participating companies, but not all, are also searchable here.


You may need the following information for corporate match purposes:

  • Rancho Romero Education Fund
  • TAXID# 91-1796297
  • Address: Rancho Romero Education Fund 180 Hemme Rd. Alamo, CA 94507
  • Your donation receipt
  • Confirmation of the Ed Fund's Tax Status

Submit information or questions to:

2018-2019 Meetings & Events

December 6, 2018 - RREF Meeting

Office Conference Room, 8:45 AM

Members of RREF (any Rancho parent/guardian who has contributed any financial amount to the Fund) are welcome to attend.


March 2, 2019 - Spring Auction 
We’re bringing the Auction-Gala back to Roundhill Country Club in 2019! Contact our Auction Co-Chairs, Piper Gillman andJennipher Tchejeyan, for questions about how you can get involved.

9/27/17 10:00 PM
10/2/14 11:57 AM
7/27/16 4:57 PM
8/4/16 10:11 PM
9/27/17 9:52 PM
10/7/18 9:32 AM