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Important Days for your Calendar

Winter Break: December 21-January 7.

School Resumes: January 8, 2019

MLK Holiday: Monday, January 21, 2018


Soul Shoppe

November's lesson was


Drop off and Pick Up

Please remember to use your name placards in your car windows at pick up. This system helps us get your child in your car fast and safe. Remember to never park in the red, as these are fire zones. Please be sure to follow staff rules on campus. We have clearly marked our driveway with "NOT A CROSSWALK" for the safety of your child and others at school. Please use crosswalks and do not cross in front of cars in front of school. No talking on cell phones in the pick-up line, this is a state rule and for the safety of all on campus. Please do not open gates that are shut. Please talk to your child about vehicle safety and why we have these rules.

Important Dates

Volunteer Clearance

Parents ... Want to Volunteer on Campus or for School Trips? Here's How!
Rancho Romero parent volunteers are an integral part of our school community. To volunteer on the Rancho Romero campus, you MUST first be cleared through the SRVUSD volunteer process. Click here to start the process. All volunteers must sign in at the office and get a volunteer badge to wear before going to a volunteer assignment on the school site. This enables us to reach you in case of an emergency and to monitor volunteers on our campus.  

Jennifer Harrington Locker

Jennifer Harrington



Take a look at our new shed in the garden-and yes, that is our wheelbarrow shoved inside.  We won both items from Donor's Choose grants.  We will be organizing the shed in the coming months and it will be full of items for us all to use in the garden.
Growing Up Green is going on now through Dec 9.  If you need any living holiday supplies like trees, plants or other, please shop at Sloat and mention Rancho Romero and Growing Up Green.  
Thank you for voting for our composting grant.  The voting window is now closed, so cross your fingers-as soon as I know the results I will let you know!   

Harvest of the Month

December is Greens



As we approach Winter Break, we want to remind everyone that attendance is important! If your family is planning an excursion over the holiday or holiday weekend, please plan your excursion for non-school days only. Absences for vacation are not considered excused absences, which impacts a student’s ability to make up missed work. The dollars and “sense” of it all is that each day a student is absent means $70/day in lost revenue for the District. That adds up quickly. If every student in the SRVUSD missed one less day this year than they did last year, it would mean an additional $2.2 million in revenue for the District. We urge you to consider the impact when making what might seem like a small decision to miss a day of school. Together we can have a huge impact. Thank you!



Our school is using the math online program called Dreambox.  Your child can access this by going on Rancho Kids Page and then clicking on the Student Portal. It is highlighted in yellow in the upper right hand corner of the page. They will need to login and then click the Dreambox tile.

This online program allows the students to play games and do various activities and it automatically adjusts to the students level.  It also gives us a report of standards that have been mastered and the ones where the students still need support.  I have assigned some focus areas to some of the students individually and I have assigned group work that aligns with our current unit of study. Having your child work on Dream box at home might help gain additional understanding in areas that are lacking.  However, because it automatically adjusts to their level of understanding,  you can only help them if they don’t understand the directions. They can get help by pushing the help button, if that doesn’t help-they can push it again and each time it gets pushed it gives them more support.

Homework Planners and Red Communication Folders

Your child is expected to bring home their homework planner and red communication folder every day Monday-Friday. I am asking that you please sign these everyday. This is an important form of communication for home and school. 

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We started our Mystery Unit after Thanksgiving break. We are learning about suspects, clues, predictions, red herrings, and working with a partner to solve crimes. Our week began with our own classroom mystery... The Missing Flag! It was fun to get the kids excited about a new topic. Ask them how it ended.


Math: Module 3- Multiplication and Division facts. We will continue to have weekly timed tests on our math facts. Please be sure to help your child memorize their facts. We also spend time weekly working on DREAMBOX. This is a district bought math program that targets grade level curriculum.


Writer's Workshop: We are finishing up our narratives unit and will move on to opinions.


Social Studies:  We have finished up to GROW week 9 in class. If you see any come home marked incomplete, it means that your child needs to finish it at home. We just finished up our Native Americans unit. The kids were broken into groups and researched different Native American groups in our Area. They finished their project with a poster and group presentation. Come in to see their work!


Spelling:  Pretest is taken on Monday on the purple paper. Spelling contract is used all week to study their words. Final test on "My List" words on Friday. Each week we study different spelling patterns. 


Language Arts: I have introduced Wordly Wise and reading comprehension packets. I rotate these weekly. The idea here is to learn parts of speech, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development, along with test taking strategies. We have done these together in class the last few weeks to understand my expectations for these assignments. 


Computers: We go to computer lab every Thursday at 2:25. Mr. Graham is currently teaching them about computers and advertising.  


Science/Science Lab: We have lab once a week on Tuesday mornings at 8:35. We are learning about bridges. 


Art: We continue to have art twice a month on Mondays with Mrs. Moss. 







Character Trait of the Month


December's Character Trait is JOY!

Students will be hearing the story titled, “The Sign Fairy".



We have PE every Wednesday and Friday. If your child is sick/injured, please send a note to Mr. Trapani personally before class or a written note in with your child.


Minimum Days


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

  • First - Fifth Grade Dismissal Time is 12:25 PM
  • TK/Kinder - Dismissal Time is 11:05 PM


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Best ways to reach me...



I do not check emails while I am teaching! If you have an immediate need to send a message to your child, please call the office. They will give me the message.


2. Find me on campus after school everyday until 3:30.

Current Assignments