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Board Brief | October 26, 2021 Board of Education Meeting
Posted 10/28/21

Opening Comments


Board President Ordway thanked attendees for wearing masks at all times while in the Ed Center, regardless of vaccination status; and also explained the new format for public comment at Board of Education meetings.


Reports to the Board


Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year - Michelle Wilson

Nadine Rosenzweig, SRVUSD Executive Director of Elementary Education


Nadine congratulated Michelle on being selected as a Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year and spoke about Michelle’s outstanding teaching. Michelle spoke as well and shared what an honor it is to teach in this school community. Presentation can be viewed at timestamp 6:29


Student Donation - Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth  Foundation (PLAY)

Dia Mundle, SRVUSD Foster and Youth Homeless Liaison


PLAY promotes teamwork, leadership and public speaking skills. Subgroups organize events to help  improve our communities such as organizing donations, teaching coding to youth, tutoring and more. Students involved in PLAY presented a $2500 check to the District in support of foster and homeless youth.


Native American Heritage Month

Hong Nguyen, SRVUSD Director of Educational Equity


Hong provided a land acknowledgement honoring that SRVUSD sits on the traditional lands of the Chochenyo, Bay Miwok and Ohlone people, and paid respect to the elders, both past and present. SRVUSD schools celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November. Presentation can be viewed at timestamp 17:27


Red Ribbon Week

Jessica Coulson, SRVUSD SEL and College & Career Readiness Coordinator


October 23 - 31 is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. Jessica presented some of the things that the schools are doing to celebrate this week, including spirit weeks, contests, videos and more. This year’s theme is “Drug Free Looks Like Me”.


Strategic Directions - Deep Learning and Innovation

Debra Petish, SRVUSD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Debbie presented information on the Strategic Direction, Deep Learning and Innovation, which focuses on creative learning environments that empower students to do their own learning so they find purpose, meaning, and joy in their education and excel in post-high school endeavors. 


Debbie addressed the why and the how of this work. The goal this year is to create clarity and conditions for Deep Learning and Innovation to occur. This is the first presentation to the Board on this subject. It provides baseline information on where we are currently in SRVUSD with regard to embedding deep learning into our curriculum and how we will grow this work over time. Assessment of these deep learning goals is developing and ongoing. We will develop learning partnerships with other schools and identify focal schools in SRVUSD ready to begin the work this school year as a part of our strategies to build upon these important concepts. As part of the continuous cycle of improvement, staff will provide updates throughout the year; and by next year, staff will bring back another report to the Board with data around the implementation of the work. Presentation can be viewed at timestamp 25:45


San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA) President’s Report

Laura Finco

Laura talked about how she appreciated the presentation on the Native American land acknowledgement earlier in the meeting; she also shared that SRVEA negotiations with the District have gone well, and have maintained a student-centered approach.

Student Board Member’s Report

Ronit Batra, Senior at Monte Vista High School

Ronit spoke to the Student Senate’s continued work with Child Nutrition, and that after discussions with Directors and at Student Senate, now all students know where to locate the information on the website on what food will be served that week. There is a desire to also have more food choices and less food waste. Ronit also spoke about racist incidents at some District schools. Student Senate members  will be meeting soon with Monte Vista High School affinity groups, with a goal to reinforce the strengths in our community. Ronit will be offering virtual office hours/sessions by zoom in order to ensure students have a voice and so the Student Senate can understand more about what is going on with the entirety of the student body across the District. They plan to increase accessible ways to provide feedback by encouraging students to email their thoughts and also possibly create a form for student feedback as well.


Action Items/Public Hearings


Consideration of Approval of Revision to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures,  4030 - Non-discrimination in Employment, and 4119.11-  Sexual Harassment

Keith Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources


These Policies and Regulations were previously presented to the Board for input. Board member feedback was incorporated and the final policies were presented for approval.


Motion to Approve

Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed

Student Board Member vote in favor


Informational Items


First Reading of Revision to Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5145.3 - Non-Discrimination/Harassment/Anti-Bullying and 5145.7 - Sexual Harassment 

Keith Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources


Board members provided direction to staff on any changes or modifications that they wanted made to the policies or regulations before they are brought back for final approval at a future meeting. 


Administrative Reports


The Board members shared information on the events and meetings that they have attended as part of their official duties. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • School site visits

  • Contra Costa County School Boards Association (CCSBA) presentation on Special Education

  • CA Association of Suburban School Districts (CALSSD) presentation on legislators’ priorities for the 21-22 session which include increases in base funding, declining enrollment and staff shortages

  • Asian Pacific Islander School Board Members Association meeting

  • Discovery Counseling Center 50th Anniversary benefit

  • SELPA Community Advisory Committee meeting

  • SRV Diversity Coalition meeting

  • San Ramon domestic violence vigil

  • Dictionary distribution to SRVUSD 3rd grade students on behalf of Rotary

  • Dyslexia Simulation Presentation


Board Members thanked everyone involved in the SRVEF Run for Education.


Board President Ordway recognized Cheryl Keller from Iron Horse Middle School, who has been named Educator of the Year by the SR Chamber of Commerce.


Board Member Clark presented an invitation from the Danville Mayor to the other Board Members to attend the town’s Veterans Day Celebration on 11/11 at 11 a.m.


Superintendent’s Report


Dr. Malloy noted that we are seeing great things happening on our campuses including students engaged in learning. We are grateful for the work that is being done. He acknowledged that we are still facing some staffing challenges and has also observed that we are a bit more tired than we would usually be at this time of year. He reassured the community that Cabinet is actively engaging in conversations to identify concrete strategies to employ and be supportive of staff at a District level and what we can do to relieve some of the pressure.  


The Strategic Directions Steering Committees are beginning to meet next week. These committees are part of how we are engaging the community widely and gather key information to inform staff’s work. We will bring information back to the Board for oversight and to share the strategies informed by these committees. 


Covid testing is going well and we are learning a lot through the process. We are using our approved third party testing vendor to do rapid testing at schools for students and staff identified as close contacts. Currently, under the CARES Act, there is no charge to individuals for the cost of testing. We learned recently that the CARES Act may be expiring soon. If it does, we know that we do not want individuals/families to have to pay for testing. We are now looking at another option to engage a state program to conduct the close contact testing instead, so individuals/ families will not incur a cost. Dr. Malloy wanted to alert the community that a change is a possibility and that we are watching this closely and will continue to keep everyone updated.

Finally, whenever we are in negotiations with any of our bargaining units, we will be communicating the outcome of bargaining sessions with all staff and our community. The negotiations page on our website has been updated and will be a place to go for information and updates on the bargaining process: