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Rancho Romero wishes to give a big shout out to our community partners for committing to work together for the common good of our schools, our children and our residents. Over the last several months various members within the community have provided direction and support for improved traffic safety protocols.
Rancho Romero was originally built in 1959. At that time it consisted of 12 classrooms and a small teachers' room/office combination. Students walked or rode the bus to school.  Danville Blvd. was the main thoroughfare until 1964 when I-680 opened through the San Ramon Valley encouraging unprecedented growth.  
Over the years the community of Alamo has built up from approximately 3,000 residents to 15,000.  Rancho Romero now has 20 classrooms, 325 families and 510 students.  One of the biggest impacts on the small neighborhood school has been the increase in traffic, an impact unanticipated fifty years ago when the school was built.  More and more families now rely on personal vehicles to drop-off and pick-up children, creating long lines of cars down Hemme Ave.  Unfortunately, there is no place to expand lanes, parking or turn arounds.  Hemme does not have an exit, so cars come through the school drive, and turn back down the street toward Danville Blvd.   
Traffic problem-solving conversations have been continuous and this past summer a group of community members made some movement that should have positive implications for our students. Cheryl Iacone and Kristen Threlkeld (parents), Steve Rohwer (CCC Traffic), Jennifer Quallick (Field Rep - Candace Andersen's Office), Elizabeth Graswich (SRVUSD PR), Jason Haynes (Lieutenant, Alamo Sheriff's Dept.), Susan Rock (Alamo MAC), Street Smarts and Rancho Romero administration met to lay out an improved plan of action.  Working in the spirit of a community team, the following was/is being accomplished:

  • Arrival and dismissal procedures have been revised and published in hard copy, webpage and weekly school newsletter.
  • Teachers and staff are educating all students on traffic safety, which have been included in the school wide behavior expectations and Safe School Plan.
  • An additional sign was placed on the existing signal pole at the Iron Horse Trail crossing.  The sign directs pedestrians to manually activate the crosswalk warning lights before crossing the street
  • The County paved and repainted the crosswalk and added a Keep Clear zone on the east approach to the Iron Horse crosswalk to further enhance sight-lines allowing drivers to have a better view of pedestrians entering the crosswalk.
  • The County is in the process of conducting a traffic/student count in cooperation with the School District to determine if the section of roadway on Hemme meets criteria to have a crossing guard.  In the meantime, school personnel are walking with students to the Iron Horse Trail to educate, practice and monitor safe practices.
  • Street Smarts provided an informative and interactive assembly on pedestrian and bicycle safety on August 24.  Local law enforcement, local dignitaries and the District Superintendent attended.
  • An annual Bike "safety" Rodeo was held at the school August 31.

The traffic dilemma for Rancho Romero is not new.  Residents, along with parents and families have demonstrated incredible patience over the last few years, most adjusting to or accepting the fact that dropping off and picking up students during arrival and dismissal times in cars creates more traffic.  However, by continuing to engage in healthy conversation, listening to diverse perspectives and considering alternatives incremental progress can be made.
Many many thanks to our community partners.
Upcoming September Events:
9/5 School Holiday (Labor Day)
9/13  Minimum Day (Teacher Professional Development)
9/21 Rancho Romero Morning Run Club Begins
9/23 Camp Rancho School wide Event
9/30 No School (Staff Development Day)


Principal's Message

Dear Rancho Parents and Families:

Quote of the Week

“There has never been a more important time to teach young people to suspend judgment, weigh evidence, consider multiple perspectives, and speak up with wisdom and grace on behalf of themselves and others.”

-Mary Ehrenworth (Teachers College, Columbia University)

What's Great About Rancho? ... Teacher Innovation

Leah Moss: Starting on February 22nd Leah Moss will be hosting an Art Club in Room 11 during lunchtime.  The room will be open for 2nd through 5th grades to  practice their skills, try out new materials, and explore their creative ideas.  We’ll have different material available to use, and a wide prompt as inspiration for students to work on an individual art project.  Look for sign up information soon!

Linda Post:  Several third-graders have joined Mrs. Post for Rancho Romero's inaugural Birder's Club.  This enthusiastic group is learning about birding techniques, which birds frequent our own campus, and the use of binoculars as they experience birding "in the field".

Karen Clark: Second through fifth grade students are invited to the lunchtime letter writing club. During letter writing club, students from all grades create stationery, write letters, and address envelopes, all while being social and engaged! Students have written to favorite athletes, singers, soldiers, even a CEO! The lost art of letter writing is alive at Rancho! The club, formally called Sincerely, Yours, is funded by a grant from the SRV Education Fund. 

Curriculum and Instruction At Rancho - Mathematics and The Brain 

You have probably heard people say they are just bad at math, or perhaps you yourself feel like you are not “a math person.” Not so, says Stanford mathematics education professor Jo Boaler, who shares the brain research showing that with the right teaching and messages, we can all be good at math. Not only that, our brains operate differently when we believe in ourselves. Boaler gives hope to the mathematically fearful or challenged, shows a pathway to success, and brings into question the very basics of how our teachers approach what should be a rewarding experience for all children and adults.

Jo Boaler is a professor of mathematics education at Stanford and the co-founder of YouCubed, which provides resources and ideas to inspire and excite students about mathematics. She is also the author of the first massive open online course on mathematics teaching and learning. Her book, Experiencing School Mathematics won the Outstanding Book of the Year award for education in Britain. A recipient of a National Science Foundation "early career award"' she was recently named by BBC as one of the eight educators changing the face of education.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Online Enrollment Opens 01/23/2017

Enrollment Documents Accepted in the Rancho Romero Office:

Siblings of Current Rancho Romero Students – 01/24/2017-02/17/2017

New Families – 01/30/17-02/17/2017


Rancho Romero Office Enrollment Hours:

7:30-11:30 A.M.

1:30-3:30 P.M.



Rancho Romero Vision

Rancho Romero is a community of learners joined together in a nurturing and safe environment. All staff members are committed to providing students with the tools to become productive and responsible citizens of the Twenty-first Century. It is essential that our students acquire skills in gathering, organizing, and analyzing information as well as developing skills in critical thinking and problem solving. Students will have access to modern technology and use these tools in their everyday lives. They must be able to express themselves through written and oral communication as well as the arts. Students need to be actively engaged in both mental and physical activities to keep their minds and bodies healthy and fit. Parents and community members take an active role in supporting and encouraging all members of the school population.  The teachers, support staff, and parents work together to prepare students for the future with high expectations for all and a unified commitment to education.  

Minimum Days

Dear Parents and Families:

There will be THREE minimum days for 2016-2017 school year.  The purpose of these minimum days is for staff professional development, including collaboration across schools within the same middle school feeder pattern.  Please note the following minimum days and times. 

September 13, 2016
Kindergarten                       8:15-11:45
First-Fifth                            8:30-12:00

November 1, 2016
Kindergarten                       8:15-11:45
First-Fifth                            8:30-12:00

January 31,2016
Kindergarten                       8:15-11:45
First-Fifth                            8:30-12:00 


Conference day schedule: 10/3-7; 1/23; 2/13-14; 3/6-7

Kindergarten                    8:15-11:45

First-Fifth                         8:30-12:00

Important Announcements


IMPORTANT:   SRVUSD Volunteer Requirements

  • ALL Rancho Romero volunteers MUST register through the SRVUSD online volunteer management system (VMS).  For more information, please CLICK HERE.
  • To begin the volunteer registration process, CLICK HERE.
  • If you have completed the volunteer registration process and are an approved field-trip driver, please note that your driver's license and insurance information need to remain current.  Please log into VMS to make sure that your information is valid.
  • Registered volunteers/field trip drivers, CLICK HERE to review your profile and volunteer assignments.


Personal Belief Exemption Law Information


Effective January 1, 2016 Personal Belief Exemptions (PBE) will NO LONGER be accepted for required immunizations for students in Transitional Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. The ONLY exception will be for medical exemptions and these require a doctor’s signature. 


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